Hi! My name is Kimberly Harrison and I strongly believe that if you were led to my website we have something in common.  Do you have a BIG calling on your life but can’t seem to figure out how to pursue or fulfill it?  Do you feel like this journey called LIFE (Live It Fabulously Everyday) has so many opportunities but you can’t seem to pull it together? I mean you want to seize the moment but you are stuck. Every day the calling speaks to you but you get frustrated and ignore it because it seems impossible.  Well, you are not alone. 


In August 2018, God spoke to me and told me that if I did not take the box off the shelf, dust it off, and unwrap it, he would be sure that the box of DREAMS would be thrown in the sea of forgetfulness and never to be desired again.  So here I am ready to open the box of DREAMS and I want you to join me.  My desire is that you take this journey with me.  We will motivate, collaborate and serve our families and communities.  We will walk (maybe run) together to strategize, plan, and execute our desires so that our BIG dreams come true.


Are you ready? Get on your mark, get set..GO!



KHDreamers' offers a number of workshops that are perfect for any event. 


Signature Workshops:

- Who's the CEO

- Financial Basics 101

- L.I.F.E. (Living It Fabulously Everyday)

- Living a Simplistic Life

Speaking Engagements

Whether speaking to a small group of concerned students or a large team of professionals, we customize our presentations to meet the needs of our audience. 

Located in the

DMV Metropolitan Area 

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